ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager Building Emissions Calculator

Portfolio Manager Building Emissions Calculator

Calculate your building’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions using EPA’s online ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager Building Emissions Calculator. With this powerful tool, you can estimate your building’s GHG emissions, support GHG emissions inventories, evaluate emissions under local building performance standards, and forecast the impact of changes in building efficiency and energy procurement.


Estimates Past, Current and Future Emissions

The Building Emissions Calculator can estimate historical, current and future annual greenhouse gas emissions resulting from your building’s energy use. Baseline annual emissions, track changes over time, and evaluate the impacts of anticipated changes in energy use, fuel mix, green power, and emissions factors.

Leverages Your Portfolio Manager Data

If you already use ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager to measure and track your building’s energy use, you can seamlessly pull your data into the Building Emissions Calculator. All you need is your Portfolio Manager username and password.

Allows Entry of Multiple Emissions Factors

Calculate your GHG emissions in several ways, using national, regional, supplier-provider, or locality-specified factors, such as those required under New York City’s building performance standard. You can also create scenarios using any emissions factors you choose.

Complies with GHG Accounting Protocols

Create, view and download emissions estimates consistent with the industry standard GHG Accounting and Report Standards, including both location-based and market-based inventories.

Supports a Single Building or Entire Portfolios

Estimate emissions for a single building, a set of buildings, or your entire portfolio of buildings.

How It Works

Using the Calculator is easy.  Access the tool online using any web browser, with options to retrieve the necessary building energy use data directly from your Portfolio Manager account or to enter it manually. The tool will automatically calculate and display your building’s GHG emissions in several different GHG-Protocol-compliant ways. You can make changes, including applying custom or locality-specified emissions factors to estimate their impact on emissions. You can also forecast emissions by making changes to your building’s efficiency, fuel mix, renewable energy use, and emissions factors. All results are displayed on a graph and in a table, and you can download the results.

Note: While you can download and save your results in Excel, neither your inputs nor your results will be saved within the calculator itself or Portfolio Manager. We are working on ways to make this calculator easier for those of you who will be frequent users.

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