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ENERGY STAR is a trusted symbol of energy efficiency, recognized by more than 90 percent of American households. Aligning your organization with ENERGY STAR lends credibility to your climate-fighting bona fides. Not only that, but when you educate your stakeholders about ENERGY STAR and what your savings mean, you may just lead them down their own path of energy savings and environmental protection.

Template Press Releases

Sample Social Media Content

Posts to Celebrate Your Partnership with ENERGY STAR

  • We just joined @EPA’s @ENERGYSTAR program as a partner. We’ve committed to managing energy use across our organization and reducing our greenhouse gas emissions.
  • We’re very proud to now be an official partner in the US @EPA’s @ENERGYSTAR program! Follow us on our journey as we strive to improve the energy efficiency of our buildings, reduce our emissions, and educate others.

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Proud to be an ENERGY STAR partner with tall buildings in background  Proud to be an ENERGY STAR partner with a tall building and tree in background  Proud to be an ENERGY STAR partner with factory in background

Posts to Communicate and Educate

  • Buildings and plants account for half of all U.S. energy consumption and nearly half of all greenhouse gas emissions. But often up to 30 percent of that energy is wasted through inefficiency. Learn more at
  • ENERGY STAR isn’t just for appliances. Thousands of organizations (including us!) partner with EPA’s ENERGY STAR program to improve the energy efficiency of their buildings and plants—and they’ve prevented 2.7 billion metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions as a result! Learn more at

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ENERGY STAR isn't just for appliances  ENERGY STAR isn't just for appliances

Promotional Ideas

No matter what you’ve achieved, celebrating your success helps sustain momentum for continued improvement and recognize everyone’s contributions.

  • Issue a press release
  • Hold an organization-wide employee meeting or student assembly and present a certificate to an official. Take photos for your newsletter and also send a photo with caption to the local newspaper.
  • Develop promotional materials to distribute to customers/patients/residents/visitors to let them know about your efforts to improve the efficiency of your buildings.
  • Make certificates of recognition for individuals who contributed time and effort.
  • Announce your achievement at a scheduled meeting where press typically will be in attendance. (For example, an announcement of a K-12 school achieving this recognition could take place at a District School Board meeting.)
  • Write a letter celebrating your achievement to your mayor, councilmember, Chamber of Commerce, Board of Education, governor, congressperson or senator, or other official representatives for your organization. Encourage them to challenge other organizations like yours to follow your lead.
  • Invite local government officials, regional EPA officials, and members of the press to tour your building.
  • Promote your achievement through your organization’s social media channels.

Plaques, Banners, Decals, and Other Promotional Merchandise

Purchase promotional items such as lapel pins, mousepads, and tote bags in our online store. ENERGY STAR certified buildings can also purchase plaques, decals, flags, and banners.

Employee/Occupant Engagement

Designed with the non-engineer in mind, these cheerful, interactive tools and resources can make energy efficiency fun and meaningful for everyone in your organization.