Kinard Junior High School

Fort Collins, CO 80528

Kinard Junior High School is the fourth high performance school built in Poudre School District. The school achieved Designed to Earn the ENERGY STAR in 2005 for superior energy design intent before construction was completed. Once the school opened in 2006, the combination of a superior building envelope, high-performance, low-E operable windows, lighting improvements, and high-efficiency heat pumps has helped Kinard become the district's most energy-efficient school. Kinard received the ENERGY STAR label shortly after its first year of opening.

The school has a closed loop Geo Exchange system that is a key part of the building's energy efficiency. The system uses the temperature of the Earth to heat and cool all areas of the building. The system is comprised of 100 wells that are 300 feet deep and 72 heat pumps, one for each classroom or office area.

Kinard is also one of the district's most comfortable schools. Last winter was one of the worst in more than 20 years and Kinard excelled in performance when compared to other schools in the district and received fewer heating or cooling complaints.

Chris Bergmann, a science teacher at Kinard, is the school's "energy champion." Students in the eighth grade are participating in giving tours of the school and Mr. Bergmann is working with students and staff to establish energy and environmental stewardship.