Help Your Clients Improve Energy Performance with ENERGY STAR

The tried-and-true approach shown below has been road-tested by thousands of organizations over two decades and forms the basis of our ENERGY STAR Guidelines for Energy Management. Read through the guidelines first, and then see how you can put them in action below.

Which areas should you target to develop an effective energy management program?

Before embarking on this approach with your clients, you may want to first understand where their energy program stands. Assess their starting point by comparing their program to the best practices outlined in the guidelines. You can then identify their strengths and weakness. For example, you may be able to skip a step or two, or you may need to place extra emphasis in one area.

EPA has two tools to help you assess your client’s starting point:

Service & Product Provider Partnership Roadmap

Service and Product Provider Partnership Roadmap

Check out best-practice suggestions on how your organization can benefit from partnering with EPA’s ENERGY STAR program.

Energy performance contracting

Many building owners hire SPPs, or energy services companies (ESCOs), to design, construct, and arrange financing for a comprehensive project that pays for itself from energy savings. Before you bid on an energy performance contract, make sure you understand all the ways that you can include ENERGY STAR tools and resources in your proposal. Read our introductory and best practices papers to learn why ESCOs use ENERGY STAR tools and how to integrate ENERGY STAR tools into an energy performance contract project