Reporting and Data Disclosure

Benchmarking with Portfolio Manager, and disclosing the results, is increasingly being required by state and local governments. Reporting benchmarking results and/or earning certification status have also become requisites for a number of green certification programs, as well as for financing opportunities for multifamily properties. Using Portfolio Manager can help to set a property up to comply with state/local/federal mandates, receive favorable financing/loan rates, and complement other sustainability initiatives. It can also set you up to offer additional client services.

State and Local Policies

Numerous cities and states have passed legislation containing benchmarking, disclosure, energy efficiency and building performance mandates for existing commercial buildings. The vast majority incorporate ENERGY STAR. See the list of legislation and campaigns leveraging ENERGY STAR. These requirements have been informed by the baseline of building performance reported to meet city or state-wide policies. Some standards have recurring compliance horizons from a baseline, which increases the demand for ongoing building energy management services. Even if your client is not in an area with current benchmarking or performance mandates, by encouraging them to start benchmarking now, you are positioning them to respond to any future laws or mandates that come their way. 

Service and Product Providers can leverage benchmarking and building performance mandates to drive added value

  • Assess each policy individually: What are the requirements; who needs to comply and when; are utilities providing data; etc.
  • Educate your customers and prospects: Help explain the policy requirements and provide other information required to comply
  • Articulate your value-added services: Benchmarking can start a conversation.  Explain all the ways you can improve energy performance and help the customer’s bottom line.
    • Use the ENERGY STAR score and other metrics to start the conversation
    • Develop analytics to help diagnose issues and support improvement
    • Support improvement through audits, monitoring-based commissioning, and more
    • Identify and implement upgrades to help customers meet compulsory targets set by building performance standards
    • Leverage local utility incentives, resources, and data access services to make upgrades more profitable and obtain the data needed for benchmarking and compliance reporting.

Need information about other Federal obligations and opportunities? Check out our FAQ pages: