Existing Buildings

Through ENERGY STAR, EPA helps energy service and product providers (SPPs) win new clients, do good work, and grow their businesses. Isn't it time you got in on this?

As it has done for more than two decades, EPA’s ENERGY STAR program provides SPPs with the tools and resources they need to tap the energy efficiency market and add value for their clients. Get started today in supporting the core activities described below.

Benchmarking for Clients

Benchmarking with EPA’s Portfolio Manager tool allows you to help your clients assess current performance related to energy, water, waste, and greenhouse gas emissions, and evaluate opportunities for improvement.

ENERGY STAR Certification for Clients

EPA recognizes existing buildings for superior energy performance, as indicated by an ENERGY STAR score of 75 or higher. SPPs that hold Professional Engineer or Registered Architect credentials can verify data and conduct the site visits required as part of the application process.

Reporting and Data Disclosure

Increasingly, state, local, and even federal mandates are requiring that public sector and/or commercial buildings benchmark in Portfolio Manager and report their performance to the relevant jurisdiction.

Recognition for Service and Product Providers

EPA offers a number of ways to recognize the success of your organization in helping clients save energy and money. You can be listed in our directories of most active providers, develop case studies and success stories, and even pursue programmatic recognition for your company!

Service & Product Provider Partnership Roadmap

Use the ENERGY STAR Service and Product Provider (SPP) Partnership Roadmap to identify best practices for how your organization can get the most value out of your ENERGY STAR partnership.

Manage Your Client’s Energy Use Strategically

The ENERGY STAR Guidelines for Energy Management contain a step-by-step road map for continuous improvement, based on best practices from the nation's leaders in energy management.