Why Design to Earn ENERGY STAR

Did you know that the greatest opportunities for cost-effective energy measures occur during the design process? You can specify and deliver commercial building designs that prevent carbon emissions, save money, and reduce energy use well into the future by designing your next project to meet superior energy-efficiency performance targets from the U.S. EPA ENERGY STAR program.

Here are four things to know about designing your buildings to earn the ENERGY STAR:

  1. It helps establish a defined energy goal.
    Designing to achieve the ENERGY STAR helps you set an energy target at the start of design that’s attainable, easy to communicate, and understood by all parties. The metrics used to evaluate energy design strategies are the same as those used measure energy performance for the operating building, which can help ensure the building will meet a building performance standard, where required.
  2. It provides EPA recognition and 3rd party verification.
    Your next design can be verified and recognized by EPA when you apply for Designed to Earn the ENERGY STAR. This recognition distinguishes your project as meeting EPA’s strict criteria for energy efficiency and show investors, stakeholders, and the public that it’s intended to perform among the nation’s top 25 percent of buildings.
  3. It complements sustainability and energy performance initiatives.
    Are you pursuing green building certification? Do you need to meet a building performance standard? Let ENERGY STAR help you establish a whole-building energy performance target and provide a comprehensive energy profile for your project.
  4. It guides energy performance throughout the lifecycle of the building.
    EPA’s Target Finder and Portfolio Manager tools can help you evaluate energy strategies during the design process, as well as track energy performance once the building is in operation.
ENERGY STAR Design Guide
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