Cost-Free Verification of ENERGY STAR Applications

Not all buildings can afford to certify

There’s no fee to apply for ENERGY STAR certification, but applications do require review by a professional engineer or a registered architect who is able to verify that energy performance and indoor environmental conditions meet EPA’s standards. Even though the cost for verification is modest compared to other third-party certifications, many building owners, particularly school districts and religious and non-profit organizations, simply cannot afford this fee.

Cost-free verification is the solution

EPA is helping these building owners find licensed professionals who are willing to provide verification services on a cost-free basis. By performing this valuable public service, licensed professionals will significantly increase the number of ENERGY STAR certified buildings, inspire others to raise the performance level of their facilities, and help an organization of their choice that otherwise would not be recognized for their outstanding achievement.

Providing cost-free verification services benefits licensed professionals as well: it builds relationships and name recognition with nonprofit and public sector building owners and managers; develops the marketable skill of verifying ENERGY STAR certification applications; and enhances national visibility through special identification in the ENERGY STAR Licensed Professional Finder.

Show off your designation in the LP Finder

All licensed professionals who have verified at least one successful application for ENERGY STAR certification automatically appear in the LP Finder search tool. Licensed professionals interested in offering cost-free verifications can request this to be designated in the tool by visiting the ENERGY STAR Buildings Help page and submitting a request form.  It’s then left to the LP and the building owner to discuss terms and conditions of any services provided.

Tools and Resources

The LP Finder helps building owners and operators seeking certification services to find LPs who have certified buildings located near them.

Screen shot of LP Finder

The LP guide provides everything you need to know about verifying applications for ENERGY STAR certification. It outlines the step-by-step process and is required reading if you’re verifying applications for ENERGY STAR certification.

Screen shot of LP Guide