The ENERGY STAR Higher Education Benchmarking Initiative

ENERGY STAR HigherEd Benchmarking InitiativeIf you’re looking for more information about the ENERGY STAR Higher Education Benchmarking Initiative (or HEBI), you’re in the right place!


The HEBI was created in 2020 to spark dialogue and action on efficiency, providing a way for colleges and universities to understand how the energy and water performance of their campus buildings compare to that of peer institutions through free, individualized scorecards. See below for summary information about the first (2020) and second (2022) rounds of the initiative.  

EPA has not yet determined if there will be a third round of the HEBI, but check this space for updates.

The Second Round (2022) 

The First Round (2020)

  • In the first round of the HEBI, EPA developed and distributed scorecards that showed peer rankings on campus energy and water performance to the more than 100 institutions with nearly 200 campuses that participated.
  • ENERGY STAR also developed a Summary Scorecard (PDF, 2.3 MB) of the first round to highlight overall performance trends of round one HEBI participants. Institutions that did not participate can use this resource to understand the relative performance of their campuses, while industry associations and other stakeholders can use it to get a handle on broader performance trends. The resource includes a list of most institutions that participated.