Promote energy efficiency

EPA offers a variety of off-the-self tools for you to tailor and use when spreading the word about saving energy.


Training and education form a key component of any successful energy efficiency program. Visit EPA’s training section for ready-made materials that you can customize and deploy in your own programs. Also, consider posting the list of free webinars that are available through ENERGY STAR on a monthly basis.

  • View and download training resources available from EPA

Off-the-self creative materials

Be sure to include ENERGY STAR messages and guidelines on your website and in your communications. EPA offers a host of no-cost materials to get you started.

  • Visit our publications page to order free brochures, tip sheets, and co-brandable materials.
  • Check out our communications toolkit. It includes our popular Bring Your Green to Work resources, communications templates, ideas for hosting events, and more.


Encourage your constituents to take advantage of recognition opportunities available from ENERGY STAR. By earning EPA recognition, they not only receive positive feedback for their accomplishments, they also stand out as examples for others in their industry to follow.

Consider supplementing EPA recognition with your own recognition for outstanding constituents. For example, in Louisville, Kentucky, building owners and managers that earn the ENERGY STAR also receive a certificate signed by the mayor and a certificate from the governor.

You could issue a quarterly or annual press release to honor top-performing buildings or buildings that have made significant improvements. You could also host a formal awards ceremony. Or build awareness by hosting an event at a showcase building and work with owners and management to offer behind-the-scenes tours.

2020 Top Cities: Los Angeles, Washington DC, San Francisco. Click to see the full list

Excellence across the board.

The Kentucky Pollution Prevention Center (KPPC) provides technical assistance to Kentucky organizations. They offer everything from on-site assessments, training, workshops, webinars, and online resources to communications support and recognition programs.

By leveraging ENERGY STAR, they help clients establish sustainable, self-directed energy management programs that reduce operational expenses through improved energy performance year after year.

And they follow-up their success by publicizing achievements statewide through websites, newsletters, press releases, and award ceremonies.