Lead by example

Are you encouraging your community to improve the energy efficiency of their buildings? Walk the talk by saving energy in your own facilities. It’ll give you credibility and insight into the challenges, lessons learned, and benefits of completing energy-saving projects.

Start by joining as an ENERGY STAR partner.

Hundreds of other state and local governments nationwide have partnered with ENERGY STAR to save energy, save money, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Join these leaders by making a commitment to save energy and demonstrate that what’s good for the environment can also be good for taxpayers and the bottom line. There’s no cost to partner with EPA.

Benchmark and improve energy use.

The first step to managing energy use is measuring it. ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager is a free, online tool you can use to benchmark the energy and water use of any building. Use it to assess the performance of your public buildings, whether they’re office buildings, K-12 schools, wastewater plants, libraries, or fire stations.

No matter what type of property it is, you’ll have access to hundreds of performance metrics for each building you benchmark in the tool. Certain property types will also receive a 1 – 100 ENERGY STAR score, which compares your building’s performance to similar buildings across the nation and normalizes for weather, building characteristics, and business activity.

Once you’ve benchmarked your portfolio in the tool, you’ll be able to identify under-performing buildings to target for energy efficiency improvements. Use energy-saving tips and guidance from ENERGY STAR to improve your efficiency. And don’t forget to continue benchmarking your energy and water use in Portfolio Manager, so you can track progress and verify results.     

  • Visit our existing buildings section to find everything you need to know about establishing an energy management program, using Portfolio Manager, and saving energy.
  • Get help from an expert by finding service providers and energy efficiency programs in your area active in ENERGY STAR.         

Earn recognition.

Through ENERGY STAR, EPA offers several types of recognition. Are you operating top-performing buildings that are eligible to be certified as ENERGY STAR? Perhaps you’ve successfully achieved organization-wide achievements in energy efficiency. Or maybe you’ve reached beyond your own walls and implemented a program that has brought about major change in your community. Whatever the scope, use recognition from EPA to shine a light on your achievements.  

City and county partnership

Douglas County Case Study

This case study, presented by the International City/County Management Association, highlights the work Douglas County and the city of Lawrence, Kansas, have done in partnership with EPA’s ENERGY STAR program over the last several years to improve the energy efficiency of their municipal buildings.

Save in your county buildings

Learn how the National Association of Counties is using benchmarking results from Portfolio Manager to unlock energy efficiency opportunities in county buildings nationwide.

Energy-Efficient County Buildings