Tell members how to save

Once your members have benchmarked in Portfolio Manager and set an energy efficiency goal, it’s time to start saving. Encourage members to continue benchmarking in Portfolio Manager throughout the process, so they can track improvements and measure progress toward their goals.

Next up? Getting the word out about how to save. Consider adding ENERGY STAR and energy efficiency messages to your existing communication channels to members, as well potentially expanding into newer types of media.  Below is a list of ideas to get your started. Don’t forget to check out our communications toolkit for ready-to-use templates and materials.  


If you joined as an ENERGY STAR partner, start by adding the partner logo to your homepage or sustainability landing page. Then, integrate energy-saving information into your web text. This could be as simple as a paragraph letting your members know about the benefits of improving energy efficiency with ENERGY STAR to an entire section devoted to information and guidance on efficient building operations and practices.

Newsletter articles

Your association newsletter is a great place to add short, informative articles about energy efficiency for your members. Consider adding a recurring feature, whether it’s an interview with a member’s energy manager, quick tips for saving energy, or a profile of a member’s efficiency project.

Case studies

Reach out to your members and offer them the opportunity to be highlighted in a case study that you’ll distribute to the rest of your membership. It’s a great way to gather and disseminate real-world lessons learned and best practices for your industry. Plus, it’ll motivate other members to catch up to their peers and show them what’s possible. You should also check our sector-specific resources for success studies from ENERGY STAR for your industry.  

Social media

On Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or other social media? Show your expertise by posting tips for saving energy to your members. Get inspiration from our save energy section or our Bring Your Green to Work resources.

Blast emails

Encourage your members to take your energy challenge or simply tell them about the benefits of saving energy. Are you regionally based? Contact your local utility to see if they have rebates or incentives that your members can use and email them about the opportunity. Depending on the size of your membership, your utility may even consider working with you to develop a special offering. Get started by finding rebates, incentives, and financing services for energy projects.

Building listings

Do you highlight commercial buildings on your website? If so, consider showing which ones have earned the ENERGY STAR, EPA’s mark of superior energy performance. If you do, you’ll join leaders such as Co-Star, Travelocity, and Honest Buildings.

AH&LA educates its members about efficiency

The American Hotel & Lodging Association (AH&LA) developed a robust educational campaign to bring practical energy management solutions to the lodging industry. It includes:

  • Delivering energy-saving solutions to members via the association’s website and focused committee meetings
  • Featuring articles in magazines and newsletters reaching more than 60,000 members
  • Creating an “Energy $aving Tips for Lodging” video, which highlighted the benefits of energy efficiency and provided all hospitality employees with tips and low-cost steps that can dramatically reduce energy use