ENERGY STAR Top Certifiers

Last year, on the 15th anniversary of ENERGY STAR certification for buildings and plants, more than 300 organizations celebrated by earning thousands of ENERGY STAR certifications. Among them were 13 companies that rose to the top, each of them certifying more than 150 properties in 2014!

Top Certifiers Company Profiles

Burton Energy Group logo

Burton Energy Group

201 ENERGY STAR certified buildings in 2014

Burton Energy Group helps commercial businesses to optimize energy efficiency within facilities in order to mitigate price risk, stabilize utility budgets, lower overall energy operating costs, and improve environmental performance. Burton Energy Group leverages ENERGY STAR processes, educational materials, and benchmarking tool Portfolio Manager to help its clients optimize their energy performance, and serves as a source of best practices for its clients.

"Burton truly values our partnership with ENERGY STAR. It’s exciting to see the impact we’ve made through the energy management program results we deliver for our clients, and we remain committed to continuing our work to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and protect the environment."

Brent Burton, CEO and founder of Burton Energy Group

CBRE logo


420 ENERGY STAR certified buildings in 2014

CBRE is a global leader in real estate services, managing more than 3 billion square feet of commercial properties and corporate facilities worldwide. CBRE uses its leadership position to raise the bar for energy efficiency across the industry, while leveraging ENERGY STAR as the foundation of its approach. CBRE has entered many buildings as competitors in the National Building Competition, and is a repeat recipient of Partner of the Year and Sustained Excellence Awards. In 2014 alone, CBRE helped to earn ENERGY STAR certification for 420 buildings.

2100 McKinney Avenue Photo

Spotlight on:
2100 McKinney Avenue
Dallas, TX
Owned by CBRE client MetLife

CBRE and Metropolitan Life Insurance Company (MetLife) share a proactive, socially responsible approach to managing assets through energy efficiency and reducing the carbon footprint of buildings. Their approach includes replacing and upgrading equipment in a timely manner, and incorporating management plans that stipulate efficiency of operations and preservation of resources. Over the past three years, various equipment upgrades have led to estimated annual cost savings of $106,000 per year, nearly $0.30 per square foot, and the landfill diversion rate has increased from 53 percent to nearly 78 percent on average.

Cenergistic Logo


490 ENERGY STAR certified buildings in 2014

Cenergistic (formerly Energy Education, Inc.) helps its clients improve energy efficiency through infrastructure optimization and behavioral changes, in order to ensure enduring savings over the long term. In addition to assisting its clients in saving energy, Cenergistic encourages them to engage with ENERGY STAR and earn certification as a source of recognition and verification of energy-saving efforts.

"Cenergistic has partnered with ENERGY STAR to earn over 6,200 certifications for over 4,000 buildings in 44 states. The program provides tools and support to help our clients recognize the impact of their energy savings efforts. We couldn’t be more proud to be named an ENERGY STAR Top Certifier."

Dr. Randy Hoff, PE, CEM, CMVP, CEO of Cenergistic

Spotlight on:
Grafton High School/Middle School
Yorktown, VA

Grafton High School/Middle School photo

In 2014, Cenergistic helped to certify the Grafton High School/Middle School complex of York County School Division. The Grafton Complex, constructed in 1996, first earned the ENERGY STAR in 2007 and has earned it almost every year since, including in 2014, when it earned certification with an ENERGY STAR score of 93. The building includes energy efficiency features such as a large atrium that fills interior classrooms with daylight; high-efficiency lighting; a roof; low-flow plumbing fixtures and ozone water treatment system; building automation system; and more. Throughout the district, Cenergistic engineers and experts work with York County staff to ensure systems are optimized and schedules reflect building use to conserve energy.

Ecova logo


175 ENERGY STAR certified buildings in 2014

Ecova provides comprehensive, technology-optimized energy management solutions to more than 700 clients across North America, including a quarter of all Fortune 500 companies. Ecova integrates EPA’s ENERGY STAR web services into its service offerings and actively shares the ENERGY STAR platform and message with its clients as a powerful resource for improving energy performance in their buildings.

"ENERGY STAR certification is an important piece of the service that Ecova provides our clients. To certify buildings for our clients means that the energy and sustainability management strategies that we help our clients develop and implement are truly working, and that they are saving energy, saving money, and helping the environment."

Jana Schmidt, President and CEO of Ecova

Goby logo

Goby LLC

345 ENERGY STAR certified buildings in 2014

Goby leverages the proprietary SeaSuite technology and its sustainability experts to assist clients in cost-efficient and high-impact sustainability planning, monitoring, implementation, and overall program management. SeaSuite ensures that its clients have the power of information by automating their data from various sources into a single platform that is used to provide detailed analytics through dynamic dashboards and integration with ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager, GRESB, and LEED.

“Goby’s mission is simple; to help our clients run better buildings. Our partnership with ENERGY STAR validates that the data we collect for our clients is accurate therefore allowing us to increase the value of their real estate through sustainability and operational efficiency, and assist in earning recognition for their efforts through opportunities such as ENERGY STAR certification.”

Chris Happ, CEO of Goby LLC

Stevens Buildings, Chicago IL photo

Spotlight on:
Stevens Building
Chicago, IL
Managed by Marc Realty

When the Stevens Building earned the ENERGY STAR certification in 2014 with help from Goby LLC, it celebrated not only the 15th Anniversary of ENERGY STAR for buildings – but also its own 100th birthday! First constructed in 1914, Stevens Building is included in the National Register of Historic Places. Goby assisted Marc Realty in benchmarking the Stevens Building in Portfolio Manager. As a result, the facilities team gained access to valuable information about the savings and results achieved to date through energy efficiency measures such as lighting upgrades – as well as an opportunity to earn ENERGY STAR certification as validation of the impact of those efforts.

JDM Associates logo

JDM Asssociates

171 ENERGY STAR certified buildings in 2014

JDM associates staff photo

JDM Associates is an energy management and sustainability consulting firm specializing in commercial buildings. Since 2006, JDM clients have avoided more than $100 million in energy costs through energy efficiency and sustainability initiatives. JDM personnel have decades of experience helping clients translate environmental accomplishments into marketplace opportunity. The company works to improve building environmental and financial performance through energy efficiency, and also helps its clients pursue and earn recognition for their sustainability efforts, leveraging opportunities such as ENERGY STAR certification and the ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year Award, among others.


"To our clients, the ENERGY STAR score and certification are core elements of cost containment, tenant retention, and market differentiation."

John Klein, CEO of JDM Associates

Hazard Center Office Tower photograph

Spotlight on:
Hazard Center Office Tower
San Diego, CA

Hazard Center, a Principal Real Estate Investors property,  is a 15-story Class-A office tower constructed in 1990. The building has achieved a high level of energy efficiency through active tenant engagement, regular use of a robust energy management system, and training of building personnel to implement energy efficiency measures. As of 2014, Hazard Center has earned ENERGY STAR certification every year since 2003, and also maintains a 100 percent occupancy level, thanks in part to its superior energy performance

JLL logo


199 ENERGY STAR certified buildings in 2014

Since 2007, Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) has saved its clients more than $2.5 billion in energy costs through energy-efficient management of their buildings. JLL has benchmarked virtually all of its eligible properties in Portfolio Manager, including the Empire State Building, which has earned ENERGY STAR certification multiple times. JLL recognizes that energy performance is a key driver of the triple bottom line, and that the first step to reaping the benefits of energy efficiency begins with tracking and understanding performance using EPA’s ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager tool.

"The best way to start realizing the financial, societal and environmental benefits of an energy-efficient building is by understanding the asset’s baseline performance through ENERGY STAR guidelines and tools."

Dan Probst, Chairman of Energy and Sustainability Services at JLL

925 L Street, Sacramento CA photo

Spotlight on:
925 L Street
Sacramento, CA

Smart energy management practices make this forty-year-old building a model of energy efficiency. In fact, 925 L Street in Sacramento, CA has earned ENERGY STAR for five consecutive years – including in 2014, with an ENERGY STAR score of 98! Energy efficiency features include the installation of variable frequency drives (VFDs) on all motors in the building; enhancements to the control system to enable real-time monitoring of building performance; and the addition of solar film on on windows to prevent excess heat from entering the building.

Kroger logo


162 ENERGY STAR certified buildings in 2014

Kroger is the nation’s largest traditional grocery retailer, and is committed to sustainable practices and energy efficiency. Kroger has leveraged the ENERGY STAR platform to help reduce its companywide energy use by 35 percent since 2000, as of 2014. The company pursues Designed to Earn the ENERGY STAR for all new stores and major expansion projects. It also actively communicates its successes internally by issuing regular reports featuring energy performance progress and the average ENERGY STAR 1 – 100 score across its stores in each company division.

Spotlight on:
Kroger Michigan Store #576
531 West Main Street
Milan, MI

photograph of Kroger in Milan, IN

The Milan location is among the latest of Michigan’s 75 certified stores to receive the ENERGY STAR designation. Energy updates in the Milan store and other locations include skylights, LED lighting, and a specially designed computer system that monitors and controls energy usage throughout the facilities. LED lighting installed in glass door cases, fresh meat cases, and back room coolers and freezers use 75 percent less energy than fluorescent lighting. LED lamps offer a longer life than fluorescent lamps and will not dim as they age, as fluorescent lamps do. Kroger is also saving energy with motion sensors that turn lights on when a customer approaches an aisle and shuts them off when the aisle is empty.

lord green strategies logo

LORD Green Real Estate Strategies

170 ENERGY STAR certified buildings in 2014

LORD Green Real Estate Strategies’ portfolio-wide sustainability services support more than 625 green building projects exceeding 142 million square feet and include office, multifamily, industrial, retail and hospitality property types. With almost 30 years of commercial real estate experience, LORD Green helps its clients incorporate sustainability into their existing business models and asset strategies by identifying ways to lessen the impact of real estate decisions on the environment while staying true to the economic bottom line. The use of ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager for monitoring and reporting is a fundamental part of all of the company’s sustainability strategies, as is the goal of ENERGY STAR certification for all eligible properties.

"Using ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager to benchmark, monitor and report the energy, emissions and water usage for all property types is the cornerstone of any sustainability program."

Mychele Lord, President of LORD Green Real Estate Strategies

The Village Apartments

Spotlight on:
The Village Apartments
Operated by Lincoln Property Company
Investment Manager:  Invesco Real Estate

The Village is an apartment community spanning 310 acres in the center of Dallas, Texas. Composed of 17 garden-style apartment communities built between 1969 and 2014, The Village is home to approximately 10,000 residents. The Village commenced its Go Green program in 2010 by benchmarking its communities in ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager. By accessing the utility company website, LORD Green loads more than 200 energy and 400 water bills monthly into Portfolio Manager to monitor usage. This approach enables quick identification of issues such as irrigation leaks and faulty equipment. Over time, common areas and residential units have been upgraded by installing ENERGY STAR certified appliances, fixtures, and equipment. Today, five of the 17 communities have earned or are in the process of earning ENERGY STAR certification.

Maximum Energy Professionals logo

Marketable Engineered Projects, LLC dba Maximum Energy Professionals

163 ENERGY STAR certified buildings in 2014

Maximum Energy Professionals (MEP) provides sustainability services for commercial real estate, city and municipality, and government clients. MEP assists facility owner, managers, and operators with leveraging the full value of energy efficiency and sustainability by improving building performance, attracting and retaining tenants, and increasing property value. MEP educates its clients about the importance of benchmarking in EPA’s ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager as the first step toward better energy efficiency.

"ENERGY STAR benchmarking and certification is the foundation upon which we build our sustainability programs…We use ENERGY STAR as the starting point for other sustainability projects such as energy audits, feasibility studies and LEED certification."

Maximum Energy Professionals (formerly Marketable Engineered Projects)

City of San Francisco City Hall, San Francisco, CA Photo

Spotlight on:
City of San Francisco City Hall
San Francisco, CA

Maximum Energy Professionals (MEP) helped to certify City Hall in 2014, which features energy-efficient systems including reliance on district energy for heating, hot water, air conditioning, and industrial processes. San Francisco City Hall has been certified twice, in 2013 and 2014, with impressive ENERGY STAR scores of 96 and 93, respectively.

Staples logo


201 ENERGY STAR certified buildings in 2014

Staples is the world’s largest office products retailer and a strong promoter of energy efficiency in buildings and products. Staples continually informs consumers about the value of energy efficiency and educates its facilities staff on ENERGY STAR tools and practices. The company has been an ENERGY STAR partner since 1999 and has actively engaged with ENERGY STAR around Earth Day as well as company events like an ENERGY STAR Bring Your Green to Work company fair. Staples has improved its average energy intensity by more than 14 percent since 2009 through company-wide efficiency measures including lighting upgrades, installation of motion sensors, installation of energy management systems for the control of lighting and HVAC, and more.

Sustainable Investment Group (SIG) logo

Sustainable Investment Group (SIG)

154 ENERGY STAR certified buildings in 2014

SIG delivers sustainability services and education to the commercial real estate industry. Assisting its clients with ENERGY STAR certifications has been a foundational service provided by SIG since the company’s founding in 2009. SIG not only benchmarks buildings – it also coaches its clients on how to improve the energy efficiency in their buildings and earn ENERGY STAR recognition that validates and showcases their efforts. Many of our projects then pursue LEED EBO&M certification.

"SIG is proud to offer our clients exemplary ENERGY STAR services on a wide variety of building types. The prestigious ENERGY STAR label signifies that certified buildings are among the most efficient properties in the country, on the leading edge of energy and water saving operations. We worked extremely hard to earn Elite status (over 150 buildings certified in 2014).

Our clients continually try to find opportunities for energy retrofits and equipment optimizations, and we are proud to support their efforts with Energy Audits, Retro-Commissioning (RCx) and ENERGY STAR verifications. In addition to representing the nation’s most efficient buildings, the ENERGY STAR label plays a critical role in many other of our clients' sustainability goals."

Charlie Cichetti, Principal at SIG

1325 Avenue of the Americas

Spotlight on:
1325 Avenue of the Americas
New York, New York

1325 Avenue of the Americas achieved its green credentials through careful, comprehensive analysis and a commitment to bring every operational practice, building system, and piece of equipment to its highest and best use. Energy efficiency features include efficient lighting fixtures, variable frequency drives (VFDs) on condenser water pumps, and a tenant-controlled HVAC system. As a result of these measures, 1325 has achieved ENERGY STAR certification as well as LEED Silver certification. The results reflect a joint effort between tenants who have built their spaces with sustainability in mind, and the building team who continues to push operations toward greater levels of efficiency.

Target logo


261 ENERGY STAR certified buildings in 2014

Target demonstrates commitment to sustainability in all of its operations. Efficient light fixtures, LED bulbs, and motion sensors in the refrigerators are just some of the measures Target has taken to maximize energy performance of its stores and the comfort of its shoppers. More than one thousand Target stores have already earned the ENERGY STAR, including 261 in 2014 alone.

Target Retail Store, Brookfield WI photo

Spotlight on:
Target Retail Store
Brookfield, WI

Target’s Brookfield, WI location earned the ENERGY STAR for the first time in 2014. Company engineers implemented a set of energy saving measures with total potential energy savings estimated at 35 percent. The initiative yielded significant value, including an ENERGY STAR score of 91, and ENERGY STAR certification. Energy efficiency features include energy-efficient lighting fixtures and motion sensors in refrigerators.