ENERGY STAR Top Certifiers

Last year, on the 15th anniversary of ENERGY STAR certification for buildings and plants, more than 300 organizations celebrated by earning thousands of ENERGY STAR certifications. Among them were 13 companies that rose to the top, each of them certifying more than 150 properties in 2014!

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Round of applause for the @ENERGYSTAR #TopCertifiers! Collectively, they certified 2,600+ bldgs in 2014 alone!

Congrats to the 2014 @ENERGYSTAR #TopCertifiers, with combined energy savings equal to that used by 246K homes/yr!

@ENERGYSTAR #TopCertifiers saved 2.7 million tons of GHGs last year–that's like taking 568K cars off the road!

The 2,600+ bldgs certified by @ENERGYSTAR #TopCertifiers in 2014 saved $562 million in 2014 thru energy efficiency!

Interactive Map

2015 Top Certifiers Map