Use Portfolio Manager to track waste and materials

EPA has added waste tracking functionality to its ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager tool! Now you can manage energy, water, and waste – all in one secure online environment.

How can Portfolio Manager help?

Portfolio Manager has already helped thousands of U.S. organizations benchmark and improve energy performance, prioritize efficiency measures, and verify energy reductions of 10, 20, or even 30 percent or more in buildings, representing huge financial savings.

Now that same proven approach can be applied to waste and materials management.

Unifying energy, water, and waste under one virtual “roof” is a sustainability game-changer for many companies. This “tracking trifecta” is a powerful way to streamline your sustainability management program and gain a bird’s eye view of your environmental footprint and resource costs.

Why track waste and materials?

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Here’s how to get started.

Ready the put the powerful tracking trifecta to work for your business and bottom line?

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EPA’s ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager tool now includes energy, water, and waste!

Tracking Trifecta

“We’ve tracked our waste for several years using a series of spreadsheets, but it’s a cumbersome process.

This new waste-tracking feature will allow us to move our data into Portfolio Manager, where we’re already managing our energy and water usage, and will really help streamline our sustainability efforts.”

  • Sara Neff, VP of Sustainability for Kilroy Realty

Portfolio Manager Data Collection Worksheet

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Easily see what information is required for your property and create a PDF or Word worksheet to help collect the data.

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