What data is required to benchmark in Portfolio Manager?

Before you start, it’ll help speed up the process if you first collect all the data you’ll need to enter into Portfolio Manager. Use the data collection worksheet to get a complete list of the information you’ll need. Then, when you’re ready to create your property in Portfolio Manager, you can create a PDF or Word document to print and fill out so all of the data is right in front of you.

The information you’ll need depends on a few things:

  • What type of property you have (e.g., office or retail)
    All property types require some basic information, like the gross floor area and energy usage information, to see basic metrics. In addition, some property types that are eligible for an ENERGY STAR score may also require other information. 
  • Where your property is located
    Whether your building is located in the U.S., Canada, or another country, your property’s location may impact if it’s eligible for an ENERGY STAR score and what information is required to get a score.

Use the data collection worksheet to look up required data for your specific property type and its location!

Portfolio Manager Data Collection Worksheet

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Easily see what information is required for your property and create a PDF or Word worksheet to help collect the data.

The NEW Portfolio Manager data collection worksheet

The data collection worksheet enables you to look up what data you’ll need to benchmark in Portfolio Manager and create a PDF or Word document that will be specific to your property. 

What you can do with the worksheet:

  • Print it and fill it out
  • Collect both property information and energy/water usage

What you cannot do with the worksheet:

  • Upload it to Portfolio Manager directly — you still have to enter the data.