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Pharmaceutical manufacturing

Industrial Insights: Pharmaceutical manufacturing

This 2-page factsheet presents an overview of energy use and greenhouse gas emissions from pharmaceutical manufacturing in an easy-to-read format.

The factsheet is part of the Industrial Insights series, which uses EPA data to provide information on energy use in industrial facilities. EPA’s ENERGY STAR partnership has worked with the pharmaceutical manufacturers since 2004 to promote energy efficiency and best practices within the sector through the ENERGY STAR Industrial Focus initiative.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing EPI

Use this tool to determine the ENERGY STAR 1 - 100 energy performance indicator score of your pharmaceutical manufacturing plant. The Energy Performance Indicator (EPI) will help your company improve its energy efficiency by comparing your energy performance to similar pharmaceutical manufacturing plants in the U.S. The spreadsheet includes instructions for using the EPI, a State of Energy Performance form, and a Facility Performance Report. Manufacturing plants that earn a 75 or higher using this EPI are eligible to earn ENERGY STAR certification for superior energy performance.

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