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ENERGY STAR has documented that average energy savings of 30 percent or more are achievable in commercial buildings with no-cost actions, strategic investment, and smart operations and maintenance. These savings can be reinvested in your priorities for growth - inventory, technology, advertising, and competitive salaries and benefits. The comfort, functionality, and appearance of the facility can be improved.

You can become an ENERGY STAR partner at no cost or reporting obligation and use the logo that more than 90 percent of American consumers say is influential. ENERGY STAR tools, training, and technical support can help your business be an environmental leader and help you communicate this to your customers and clients.

To get started now, download the free Action Workbook for Small Business from this page. Next, learn why the powerful, free Portfolio Manager is the national standard tool for comparing your  baseline energy and water use, and for tracking your savings and pollution prevention.

See a 34-minute recorded webinar on ENERGY STAR for Small Business or a 50-minute recorded webinar on Financing Energy Efficiency and Renewables.

Visit the Portfolio Manager training center for more webinars, videos, slide sets, fact sheets, and a link to our highly rated Help Desk where you can always ask a question.

Educate and engage your employees with Bring Your Green to Work  resources, and learn about the Treasure Hunt campaign guide, treasure maps, worksheet and videos.

Co-brand Resources with ENERGY STAR

Local governments, utilities, Chambers of Commerce, associations, religious denominations and NGOs are invited to partner in providing efficiency resources to the community: Team Your Brand with the ENERGY STAR® Action Workbook: Co-branding Opportunities.

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2020 Top Cities: Los Angeles, Washington DC, San Francisco. Click to see the full list

Tools for Small Businesses

Are you a small business owner, operator, or employee looking for ways to increase energy efficiency in your facility? Use these resources as planning guides for implementing cost-effective energy improvement projects for your business.

Did You Know?

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Small businesses can typically save as much money and prevent as much pollution, per square foot, as large organizations.