Tools for benchmarking energy management practices

EPA’s network of ENERGY STAR partners nationwide is a vast support system for energy managers in the know. Benchmarking your energy management practices against these leading organizations can generate new ideas for improvement.

ENERGY STAR Partners 2019 Meeting

ENERGY STAR Industrial Partners, 2019 Annual Meeting

Would you like to learn about goal setting for an energy program? Perhaps you want to see how others have put energy action plans together? If you have an energy management question, look to the partner examples within the ENERGY STAR Guidelines for Energy Management. 

This photograph includes people sitting and listening at an conferance. ENERGY STAR success stories in industrial energy management and the Partner of the Year profiles in leadership are other ways to learn what leading companies are doing and how they have achieved a superior level of energy management. 

Additionally, talking with a leader is the great way to benchmark. Become an ENERGY STAR partner and get started on the learning pathway.