Take your energy program to the next level

If you have a basic program but would like to do more, ENERGY STAR can help. For over a decade, companies have used ENERGY STAR tools and resources to refine their energy management programs.

  • Start by using the Energy Program Assessment Matrix to identify management elements missing from your program.
  • Read the ENERGY STAR Guidelines for Energy Management to learn how to build missing elements into your program.
  • Minimize energy impacts by looking long-term at how energy risk may affect your business. Review Energy Strategy for the Road Ahead.
  • Motivate industrial facilities to take on energy goal setting and management by having them take the ENERGY STAR Challenge for Industry.
  • See how others have designed successful programs with ENERGY STAR. Read our success stories in industrial energy management and ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year accomplishments.
  • Get recognition for your energy accomplishments by earning ENERGY STAR plant certification for superior facility energy performance or Partner of the Year status!
  • If your company is not already a partner, join the ENERGY STAR network of energy managers to take advantage of learning from others like you.