Industrial energy management

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Energy management is the first step to save money and improve sustainability. Hundreds of manufacturing companies routinely use EPA's ENERGY STAR to help them manage energy across their operations. Whether you have been managing energy for years or are just getting started, trust ENERGY STAR to lead you in the right direction.

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Take the first steps

Whether you're new to energy management or ready to take your program to the next level, ENERGY STAR can help you accomplish your goals.

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Build a better program 

ENERGY STAR offers guidance, tools, and strategies for creating an energy management program that supports continuous improvement of energy performance. 

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Communicate energy efficiency

Gain support for energy initiatives by raising awareness and engaging employees across all levels of your company.

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For program administrators

Resources for utility, state, regional energy efficiency programs.

Industrial focuses

Participate in initiatives to create plant benchmarking tools and share best practices in your manufacturing sector.

ENERGY STAR Industrial Showcase

Host an ENERGY STAR Industrial Showcase at your certified plant or Challenge for Industry site and show how ENERGY STAR helped your business gain positive recognition. 

Training resources

Hear from our partners and trainers: