Spread the word about how to help

Help them help you! Get occupants and employees involved by identifying energy-saving actions they can take. You may focus on a top 10 list of actions that applies to most of your employees’ workspaces.

Make sure to emphasize the benefits of each behavior, whether they’re related to better health and wellness (less eyestrain from better task lighting) or to environmental protection (community benefits from less pollution).

You may also choose guidelines that can be practiced at work and at home, so everyone can see benefits in both locations. Some example actions might be:

  • Turn off lights, fans, and appliances when not in use.
  • Activate computer power management features that automatically put the device into a low-power "sleep mode" after a designated period of inactivity.
  • Use smart powerstrips to make sure all electronics are powered down when not in use.
  • Check for running faucets and report leaks.
  • Participate in 'Un-Power Hours' or other organization-led campaigns.
  • Take the ENERGY STAR Pledge.

Once you’ve identified which actions occupants or employees should take to save energy, it’s time to spread the word! To have the most impact, create a communications plan and consider establishing a dedicated marketing collateral budget to support its rollout. Maintain regular contact with reminders, tips, and updates.

Here are a few ideas to get you started. Visit the communications toolkit for more templates, guidance, and marketing materials.

Co-brand ENERGY STAR materials

Print and hang banners, posters, and signs with energy-saving messages in high-traffic areas in your space or in areas like lobbies, elevators, hallways, over water fountains, and in break rooms. Develop your own or co-brand and order materials from ENERGY STAR. EPA provides no-cost tip sheets, posters, and more to download or order on the ENERGY STAR publications page.

Send blast emails and newsletters

Send regular emails or newsletters with updates on progress and seasonal tips to cut energy use at work and at home. You can also use this as a platform to highlight successes and shine a spotlight on energy champions.

Plan and host an event

Landlords, you can hold an energy fair, conduct an energy awareness event in the lobby, or offer building tours to give occupants a sneak peek at the inner workings of the building. Tenants, encourage your landlord to host an event!

Conduct training

Host a brownbag, hold a webinar, or present about why it’s important to save energy at staff meetings, tenant meetings, or other get-togethers. You can also integrate information about your energy program into your organization’s orientation training.

For example, Beacon Capital Partners gives a presentation on plug load at tenant meetings. Its Tenant Plug Load educational program explains what plug load is and how it can be reduced with ENERGY STAR certified appliances, PC power management, and motion sensor power strips to control computer screens, printers, and desk lamps.

Get creative

Lastly, a little creativity goes a long way. Consider creating door hangers, post-it note reminders, or light switch covers to help occupants or employees remember to take action. Some K-12 school ENERGY STAR partners have started energy patrols, in which students pass out “oops” and “wow” stickers to encourage behavior change. Or design a fun mascot for your energy program to rally occupants to save.

ENERGY STAR partner Servidyne created mascots to represent different building types in the ENERGY STAR National Building Competition
ENERGY STAR partner Servidyne created building mascots to promote the ENERGY STAR National Building Competition and created humorous videos with energy-saving tips.

Coal Ridge High School launched Operation Shutdown, a campaign to power down all non-essential equipment for an hour to raise awareness about how much energy could be saved.

 Example of a Post-It note encouraging participants to power down equipment.

Example of a Post-It notes encouraging participants to turn off lights.Cleveland Clinic distributed these post-it notes to occupants to remind them to save as part of its "Power it Down!" Post-It campaign.