Engage employees and other occupants

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The people inside your building or leased space are responsible for the bulk of its energy use. After all, plug loads, lighting, and HVAC in tenant spaces often account for 50 percent or more of a building’s total energy use. The actions of your employees and other occupants also impact how the building’s systems run, especially if they do things like cover vents, remove light bulbs, and adjust thermostats – signs that these systems may not be functioning as intended.

By working with building occupants – or your employees if you are leasing space – you can empower and engage them to become part of the solution. ENERGY STAR partners have demonstrated that it’s possible to save 10 percent or more through employee education and behavioral change.

Plus, your employees and occupants will appreciate your efforts. More than 80 percent of workers are attracted by an employer with an environmental reputation. And about half of workers said they would forgo higher pay or a promotion to work for an organization with a good reputation1.

Here are some low-cost ideas to get your building occupants or employees on board and interested in saving energy.

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Bring your Green to Work

Between 60-80% of the energy used in our office buildings is consumed by tenants within their spaces.

~Vornado Realty Trust