Put together an energy team

Establishing an energy team is an important first step to embedding energy efficiency in your business operations. After all, buildings don’t use energy, people do. And the people in your company make decisions affecting energy use every day. By giving a diverse team ownership of energy management, you’ll improve buy-in from different parts of the organization, which will help you save even more. 

The energy team is responsible for planning, implementing, monitoring, and evaluating the organizational energy management program. The team’s duties may also include delivering training, communicating results, and providing recognition.

Use the Teaming Up to Save Energy guide to establish an energy team

Download the Teaming Up to Save Energy guide to learn how to build an effective energy team. It gives plenty of examples from successful ENERGY STAR partners, guidance, and checklists to help you:

  • Organize your energy team
  • Start your energy program
  • Build capacity
  • Sustain the team
  • Maintain momentum

The best advice in starting an energy management program is to establish an energy team that works together to implement (and maintain!) energy conservation measures while improving building comfort.

~Jessica O’Hara, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, #11 overall winner, 2012 ENERGY STAR National Building Competition

Creating a buzz about energy at HEI Hotels & Resorts

HEI energy competition logo of mascot "Buzz" the green bee.HEI’s energy team started small but has grown into a hive of activity. They started with the “Fab 4” at each hotel: the Chief Engineer, Executive Chef, Executive Housekeeper, and Banquet Manager.

Based on their early success, this original team has continued to expand … first to include other hotel department heads and assistant managers, and then to hourly associates. Together, they make up the sustainability-focused BUZZ Committee at each hotel.

Their results are impressive. Since 2006, HEI has reduced energy use by more than 36%.