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EPA’s ENERGY STAR® program invites your organization to build your own competition to save energy, water, or waste. Use no-cost guides and templates to help plan every step of your competition, from determining the framework to collecting and managing the data to celebrating successes and sharing best practices. 

Build Your Own Battle of the Buildings Activity Kits

The kits below are themed activity kits that you can use to engage your building occupants and employees in tackling energy and water waste all year round – one simple action at a time. These kits include posters, social media graphics, print-ready reminders, banners, and more! Feel free to co-brand any of the materials with your own organization's logo.

Browse through all the activity kits, or jump straight to an energy- or water-saving category!

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(If you manage multifamily buildings, go to the Multifamily Activity Kits page for kits designed to engage tenants.)








Plug Load

















Industrial and wrap-up graphics were developed and provided courtesy of the The Boeing Company, an ENERGY STAR Sustained Excellence Award Winner.