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EPA’s ENERGY STAR® program invites your organization to build your own competition to save energy, water, or waste. Use no-cost guides and templates to help plan every step of your competition, from determining the framework to collecting and managing the data to celebrating successes and sharing best practices. 


After several successful years hosting the ENERGY STAR National Building Competition: Battle of the Buildings, EPA is encouraging organizations like yours to build your own competition to save energy, water, or waste. Competitions can be a great way to motivate your team to find new efficiencies, engage occupants in your efforts, and multiply savings across your portfolio – all while helping the environment. 


Competitions can help you:  

  • Save energy, water, and money – and reduce waste
  • Identify best practices to leverage across your portfolio
  • Jumpstart savings that last beyond the competition  
  • Work toward your sustainability goals
  • Engage your occupants and local community
  • Earn positive publicity for achievements
  • Build momentum for benchmarking and improving efficiency   
Why Build Your Own Energy or Water Efficiency Competition



Any organization, public or private, can build an efficiency competition, including trade associations, commercial businesses, manufacturing plants, utility companies, local and state governments, schools, congregations … and the list goes on! As long as you have more than one building in your portfolio or can recruit more than one building to participate, you can build a competition. Want to hear directly from organizations that have proved energy efficiency competitions can be a great tool to engage employees and save money? Check out these success stories:

  • Boeing - The 2016 Battle of the Buildings: BOOTCAMP winner created their own 30-day competition
  • The RMR Group - A commercial real estate holdings company has held an internal energy efficiency competition for the past two years
  • City of Orlando - The city created a six-month Central Florida Battle of the Buildings competition
Ready to host your own competition?


Case Study: Orlando’s Experience With Running an Efficiency Competition