Tips for Low-Cost Verifications

The cost of hiring a Professional Engineer (PE) or Registered Architect (RA) to verify your application for ENERGY STAR certification will vary based on the size of your building and your location. It usually takes a professional about one day to complete the process. You may be able to lower these costs if you do the following:

Use In-House Staff

Your application can be validated by a PE or RA on your staff, even if they are not at that specific property, provided they hold a current license in any U.S. state or territory, or in Canada.

Compare Quotes

Use the ENERGY STAR online Licensed Professional Finder to help you identify PEs and RAs that have completed ENERGY STAR verifications in your area. Secure multiple bids to find the best option for you.

Find Pro-Bono Verification

Are you a school district, religious organization, or non-profit that needs help with verifications? When filtering results in our Licensed Professional Finder, simply check the box for “Cost-free verification offered” to see a list of  PEs and RAs willing to provide verification services on a cost-free basis.

Contact Your Public Relations Department

Earning the ENERGY STAR is good news, and your PR department will want to help you promote it in your community. Rather than looking for funds for a PE or RA in your operations budget, try your PR department first. They’ll likely see it as a worthwhile investment.

Contact Your Utility Provider

Your utility provider may have PEs or RAs on staff and may be willing to offer their services free of charge or at a lower cost than you’re quoted by other PEs and RAs. If you’re a major customer for the utility, they may be willing to help you as a customer service offering.

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