Web services providers can benefit from understanding how connecting and sharing works from the perspective of both the user and the provider. This document explains how users can connect with a web services provider in Portfolio Manager, and then share properties and/or meters with the provider, as well as how the provider can then accept or reject the offer.

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First page of the Small Business Factsheet.

Use this two-page document to find specific advice on how restaurants can save money by following ENERGY STAR guidance. This resource is intended to complement and build upon the guidance provided in the ENERGY STAR Small Business Action Workbook, with a focus on the commercial food service facility type.

The factsheet provides tips on cutting down on energy usage and links to additional ENERGY STAR resources for restaurants.

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Use this 41-slide presentation to build upon the concepts learned in Portfolio Manager 101 and 201. Learn more about EPA's ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager tool and how to update data using the spreadsheet upload feature; set baseline, goals, and targets to plan energy improvement; create custom reports; and use the Sustainable Buildings Checklist.

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Use this 51-slide presentation to build upon the concepts covered in Portfolio Manager 101. Learn about EPA's ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager tool and how to edit property data, correct or update property use details, use the Data Quality Checker, and share property data.

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Use this 47-slide presentation to learn the basics on EPA's ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager tool. By the end of the presentation, you will know how to add a property and enter its use details, enter energy and water consumption data, and generate reports to assess progress.

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Use this 49-slide presentation to learn why and how your organization can engage with the ENERGY STAR program—the low-risk, simple, and cost-effective path to energy efficiency.

Use this 32-slide presentation to learn about the 2015 EPA National Building Competition, the top three reasons to compete, ENERGY STAR tools for saving energy and water, and how your building or organization can participate.

Template press release

Use this press release template and customize it with your organization details to promote your participation in EPA's 2015 ENERGY STAR® National Building Competition.

First slide of the How to Apply for the ENERGY STAR presentation.

Use this 37-slide presentation to help you and your colleagues gain a better understanding on the value of ENERGY STAR certification, eligibility for certification, how to apply for ENERGY STAR certification in Portfolio Manager, and how to track the status of applications.

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First page of the 2015 National Building Competition press release template.

Use this two-page customizable press release template to help spread the word about your participation in EPA's 2015 ENERGY STAR National Building Competition.