The Portfolio Manager Upgrade Project

Portfolio Manager Upgrade

Follow along as we give Portfolio Manager its largest update in a decade! The upgrade is a multi-year process where we’ll be refreshing the user interface, enhancing current functionality, and adding brand-new features. When it’s done, you’ll be able to do more than ever, easier than ever.

This upgrade is supported by funding from the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 to advance the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions from commercial and residential buildings..

Project Overview

Planned Enhancements

A wide variety of enhancements are being planned, including but not limited to:

  • Modernized and refreshed user interface
  • Expanded emissions tracking functionality.
  • Ability to track building performance standard (BPS) applicability and progress toward achieving targets.
  • Refrigerant tracking.
  • RECs tracking.
  • Spanish-language option.

Project Phases and Timing

There will be three phases:

  1. Gathering input from stakeholders. We start with collecting feedback on the tool’s existing features, followed by gathering input to guide the development of new features. Timing: Fall 2023–Spring 2024. To participate, visit our subscription center to ensure you’re subscribed to receive “Portfolio Manager Updates.”
  2. Development. We will develop new features on a rolling basis over the next couple years. Timing: Winter 2023–TBD.
  3. Testing of new features. After we develop each new feature, we will be looking for volunteers to test them out. Timing: Winter 2023–TBD. If you’d like to add yourself to our list of potential volunteers, please contact us at This is neither a guarantee that you’ll be asked to perform testing, nor a commitment from you.

We expect the first new enhancements to released on a rolling basis* starting in early 2024 and continuing for the next couple years.

*Note for Web Service Providers: Enhancements that impact Web Services will continue to be batched into biannual releases every February and August.

Project Communications

We will send emails to subscribers of “Portfolio Manager Updates” with regular updates on our progress, including the release of new features and opportunities to provide input.  

Visit our subscription center to ensure you’re subscribed to receive “Portfolio Manager Updates.” We will also continue updating this web page.

Latest Updates 

Update: October 16, 2023

In early October, we solicited feedback on Portfolio Manager’s existing features. The voluntary, 5-minute user satisfaction survey asked about how important Portfolio Manager’s existing features are to users, as well as how satisfied they are with these features.