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EPA’s ENERGY STAR® program invites your organization to build your own competition to save energy, water, or waste. Use no-cost guides and templates to help plan every step of your competition, from determining the framework to collecting and managing the data to celebrating successes and sharing best practices. 


Building a co-branded ENERGY STAR Battle of the Buildings competition has the added benefit of allowing you to leverage the national ENERGY STAR brand—recognized by more than 90% of American households—to support your competition.

As a host of a co-branded ENERGY STAR Battle of the Buildings Competition, you could:

  • Have direct support of the ENERGY STAR program, including one-on-one training and promotion to local Portfolio Manager users, if applicable
  • Engage competitors with tailored ENERGY STAR Battle of the Buildings resources
  • Award top performers with ENERGY STAR branded recognition

Requirements for co-branding your competition with ENERGY STAR

  • Be an ENERGY STAR partner
  • Be headquartered in the United States
  • Use Portfolio Manager to collect competitor data
  • Recognize winners based on actual measured data, including at least one quantitative metric available within Portfolio Manager
  • Verify winner data by a Licensed Professional (Professional Engineer or Registered Architect)
  • Provide a summary of your competition and results to EPA’s ENERGY STAR program upon conclusion
  • Agree not to promote any specific commercial product or service
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Battle of the Buildings competition

Co-brand your competition and leverage the ENERGY STAR brand by:

  1. Reviewing the Competition Guide & Data Management Guide
  2. Submitting a completed application request
  3. Reviewing the FAQs