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During an Energy Treasure Hunt, teams walk around a facility looking for quick ways to save energy. Those quick fixes can add up to big savings. Hundreds of organizations have used Energy Treasure Hunts to reduce their facilities’ energy use by up to 15 percent. Are you and your crew ready to find the treasure buried within your facilities?

Submit a Summary of Your Treasure Hunt Findings

Be among the first to take part in EPA’s ENERGY STAR® Treasure Hunt campaign—a collaborative quest to uncover the ways to improve energy efficiency and reveal the untapped potential for energy savings in America’s commercial and industrial facilities.

Complete the form below to submit a summary of your savings and earn recognition for your participation. To submit summaries for several sites, download this multisite submission form (EXCEL, 428 KB) , and send the completed version to To be eligible for recognition, the treasure hunt must take place in 2019, and all submissions must be received by January 15, 2020. See Eligibility for a full list of rules and restrictions.

Sponsors and participants that submit their summary findings will:

  • Be featured on and in a weekly email to ENERGY STAR stakeholders
  • Receive a printable certificate noting their contributions
  • Be included in an EPA press release at the campaign’s conclusion

When you contribute your savings to the treasure chest, you can demonstrate all the possibilities of treasure hunts and inspire others to dig for their own hidden energy treasure.

If it is a commercial building, please answer Questions 7a-c below. If it is an industrial building, please skip to question 8.
7c. Is the site benchmarked in Portfolio Manager?
(e.g., cement, bakery, terminal)

(Note: To be eligible for recognition, the event must have taken place during calendar year 2019.)
Use this spreadsheet to easily convert common energy units to BTUs and Source Energy BTUs.
(e.g., lighting left on in five conference rooms, six steam leaks detected, incorrect set points)
(trade association, utility, region, etc.)
15. Would you be willing to participate in a case study about your treasure hunt, if requested?
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