ENERGY STAR Treasure Hunt

During an Energy Treasure Hunt, teams walk around a facility looking for quick ways to save energy. Those quick fixes can add up to big savings. Hundreds of organizations have used Energy Treasure Hunts to reduce their facilities’ energy use by up to 15 percent. Are you and your crew ready to find the treasure buried within your facilities?

Any organization can use ENERGY STAR materials to organize a Treasure Hunt in their building or plant. From October 1, 2019, through January 15, 2020, organizations are invited to host a Treasure Hunt, share a summary of their findings, and earn recognition from EPA. The following rules and restrictions apply.


  • Participating organizations must be based in the United States. Sites outside the U.S. can submit results, if the parent organization is U.S.-based.
  • Organizations do not have to be an ENERGY STAR partner to participate, though partnership is encouraged. Join now to take advantage of partner benefits.
  • Organizations can tailor the ENERGY STAR Treasure Hunt approach to meet a facility’s design and needs.
  • Third parties, such as energy service companies (ESCOs) and utilities, can submit the results of a Treasure Hunt on behalf of customers.


  • The Treasure Hunt must take place during calendar year 2019. Projects identified before 2019 are not eligible to be included in the savings report.
  • Corporations and organizations with multiple buildings/plants are welcome to participate but must report savings for each site separately.