Battle of the Building Bootcamp 2016 - Deadline extended! Register by July 31, 2016!

The ENERGY STAR® National Building Competition: BOOTCAMP is a competition that challenges building owners, managers, and occupants to reduce energy and water use, and save money in just 90 days!

Register for 2016!

Are you ready to amp up your energy savings and whip your building into a lean, green, energy-saving machine? In just 90 days, slim your energy and water wastelines with the ENERGY STAR National Building Competition BOOTCAMP!

Every year, EPA hosts a nationwide competition among buildings to help organizations save energy, save water, and fight climate change with help from EPA’s ENERGY STAR and WaterSense® programs. This year, it’s back with a fun, new twist. Join the BOOTCAMP and see how much you can save in 90 days!

How much can I save?

Organizations from across the country will select up to five buildings to compete in the BOOTCAMP. Participants will benchmark energy use (required) and water use (optional) in Portfolio Manager, sign up to compete during the registration period, and then work to save as much as possible over the competition period.

During that time, EPA will provide themed BOOTCAMP training kits chock full of printable posters, social media posts, energy-saving reminders, door signs, and more. Each training kit focuses on a new energy or water-saving action in the workplace. Use the kits to engage your employees, students, and other occupants in tackling energy waste together!

Important dates

Key dates to remember:

  • July 31: Registration extended!
  • September 1: BOOTCAMP begins!
  • November 30: BOOTCAMP ends.
  • January 15: Competitors submit energy (and water) data to EPA.
  • Winter 2017: EPA announces winners.

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We’re getting warmed up for EPA’s ENERGY STAR BOOTCAMP! Enroll up to 5 bldgs by July 31! #ESNBC

We're registered to compete in EPA’s ENERGY STAR BOOTCAMP! See you out on the field! #ESNBC

July 31 is the last day to enroll 5 bldgs for EPA's ENERGY STAR BOOTCAMP! See you out on the field!

Registration extended – Register by July 31!

Download and follow these instructions to register to compete via Portfolio Manager. Individuals may submit up to 5 buildings! EPA will send you confirmation once registration is complete. Email with any questions.

Already know how to respond to a data request? Select an option below and go straight to Portfolio Manager to sign up!

Sign Up to Compete BOOTCAMP (Energy Only)
Sign Up to Compete BOOTCAMP (Energy and Water)

BOOTCAMP Training Kits

  • Were competing thumbnail
  • Unblock vents thumb
  • Shut It Down poster thumbnail
  • Turn Off the Lights thumbnail
  • Spotting Energy Waste: Lighting - thumbnail image
  • Spotting Energy Waste: Heating/Cooling - thumbnail image
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