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The ENERGY STAR® National Building Competition: BOOTCAMP is a competition that challenges building owners, managers, and occupants to reduce energy and water use, and save money in just 90 days!


Are you ready to amp up your energy savings and whip your building into a lean, green, energy-saving machine? In just 90 days, slim your energy and water wastelines with the ENERGY STAR National Building Competition BOOTCAMP! Every year, EPA hosts a nationwide competition among buildings to help organizations save energy, save water, and fight climate change with help from EPA’s ENERGY STAR and WaterSense® programs. This year, it’s back with a fun, new twist. Follow along to see how much our competitors can save during the 90-day BOOTCAMP!

How does it work?

Organizations from across the country have registered buildings to compete in the BOOTCAMP, which will run from September 1 through November 30, 2016. During that time, competitors will work to cut energy and water waste using themed BOOTCAMP training kits, each one focusing on a new energy or water-saving action in the workplace.

Participants are benchmarking energy use (required) and water use (optional) in EPA’s ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager tool. Within each building type category, the building with the greatest verified weather normalized energy savings (on a percentage basis) will take home top honors! Percent reduction will be based on energy performance by the end of the competition period, compared to before the competition period began.

Competitors, on your marks!

Ready to get moving? Download the BOOTCAMP training kits and other communications resources to start spreading the word to your employees, occupants, and other stakeholders! You can begin implementing the training kit materials now and start saving energy, or wait until September 1 and follow along with ENERGY STAR each week via Twitter and Facebook [URL TBD].

Important dates

Key dates to remember:

  • September 1: BOOTCAMP begins!
  • November 30: BOOTCAMP ends.
  • January 15: Competitors submit energy (and water) data to EPA.
  • Winter 2017: EPA announces winners.
2016 BOOTCAMP timeline

Spread the word

We are warmed up and ready for energy savings! See you September 1st for EPA's ENERGY STAR BOOTCAMP! #ESNBC

Watch out, energy savers: we are competing in EPA's ENERGY STAR BOOTCAMP! See you on September 1! #ESNBC

EPA's ENERGY STAR BOOTCAMP starts September 1! We are registered and ready to take on the competition! #ESNBC

Hi, I'm Bob. I'm here to help you and your occupants save energy and water in your building.

BOOTCAMP Activity Kits

  • Were competing thumbnail
  • Unblock vents thumb
  • Shut It Down poster thumbnail
  • Turn Off the Lights thumbnail
  • Spotting Energy Waste: Lighting - thumbnail image
  • Spotting Energy Waste: Heating/Cooling - thumbnail image
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