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The ENERGY STAR® National Building Competition: BOOTCAMP was a competition that challenged building owners, managers, and occupants to reduce energy and water use, and save money over just 90 days!


Congratulations to all our competitors who spent 90 days slimming their energy and water “wastelines” by engaging employees, students, and other occupants in tackling energy and water waste together!

We’re excited to announce that Boeing-Renton 10-18/20 Building in Renton, Washington beat out the competition by cutting their source energy weight by 55.6 kBtu/sq.ft., for an energy use reduction of 26%. But they weren’t the only winner! On the water side, Verizon’s Staten Island Central Office in Staten Island, New York reduced their water weight by 43.1 kGal/sq.ft., for a water use reduction of 33%. Overall, the class of 2016 saved more than 48 million kWh of energy--which is equivalent to the electricity usage of 5,000 homes--and they saved an estimated 44 million gallons of water!

For three months from September 1 - November 30, 2016, more than 200 organizations across the country entered 800+ buildings to compete in the 2016 National Building Competition: BOOTCAMP. Competitors worked to cut energy and water waste, one energy or water-saving action at a time, and tracked their building's monthly energy and water consumption using ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager®, EPA’s online measurement and tracking tool.

Check out the winning strategies in the 2016 winner graphics and download the final results for more details about their savings.

Top in Category - Energy 

Property Type Building Name Organization Total Reduction in Energy Weight (kBtu/Sq.Ft.)
Office Boeing-Renton 10-18/20 Building Boeing 55.6
Bank Branch Fifth Third Bank - Stony Island Fifth Third Bank 54.8
Community Center Toy F. Reid Employee Center Eastman Chemical Company 41
K-12 School Strasburg-Franklin Local Schools - K-12 Building CCG Automation 33.6
Other Underwood Residence Hall Texas A&M University 27.2
Pre-school/Childcare Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Minnesota - Southside Unit Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Minnesota 23.2
College/University WWU Biology Western Washington University 21.3
Medical Office WestHealth Main Building WestHealth & Cushman & Wakefield 21.2
Hospital Christus Mother Frances Hospital - Sulphur Springs (Formerly Hopkins County Memorial Hospital) CHRISTUS Health 20.8
Retail Store Store #1667 Staples, Inc. 17.8
Financial Office Mockingbird-Abrams Branch Comerica Bank 12.6
Fire Station Orlando Fire Station Building 10 City of Orlando 12.1
Multifamily Housing The Fenestra At Rockville Town Square Bozzuto Management Company 11.3
Supermarket Kingsdale Market District Giant Eagle, Inc. 9.3
Distribution Center 2101 Claire Court North American Corporation 6.2

Top in Category - Water 

Property Type Building Name Organization Total Reduction in Water Weight (kGal/Sq.Ft.)
Office Staten Island Central Office Verizon 43.1
Other East Wylie Getgo Giant Eagle, Inc. 20.1
Hospital Hospital For Joint Disease NYU Langone Medical Center 10.3
Distribution Center East Texas Food Bank - 5.7
College/University Zink-Allen Hall Oklahoma State University Energy Management/Residential Life 5
K-12 School George C. Marshall High School Fairfax County Public Schools 4.9
Multifamily Housing The Pepper Building Bozzuto Management Company 4.2
Pre-school/Childcare Premier Academy Premier Acadmey, Inc. (Angier) 3.4
Supermarket Kingsdale Market District Giant Eagle, Inc. 1.2
Bank Branch Evergreen Credit Union - 0.5

See the full final standings here.

Overall BOOTCAMP Graphic

                                                  Click to view full screen!


  • Boeing Renton Building
  • Staten Island Central BOOTCAMP winner
  • Fifth Third Bank BOOTCAMP winner
  • Toy F. Reid Center BOOTCAMP winner
  • Strasburg-Franklin Local School BOOTCAMP winner
  • Underwood Residence Hall BOOTCAMP winner
  • Southside Unit BOOTCAMP winner
  • WWU Biology BOOTCAMP winner
  • WestHealth Main Building BOOTCAMP winner
  • Christus Mother Frances
  • Staples Store BOOTCAMP winner
  • Mocking-Abrams BOOTCAMP winner
  • Orlando Fire Station BOOTCAMP winner
  • The Fenestra BOOTCAMP winner
  • Kingsdale Market BOOTCAMP winner
  • 2101 Claire Court BOOTCAMP winner
  • East Wylie GetGo BOOTCAMP winner
  • NYU Langone BOOTCAMP winner
  • East Texas BOOTCAMP winner
  • Zink-Allen OSU BOOTCAMP winner
  • George Marshall HS BOOTCAMP winner
  • Pepper Building BOOTCAMP winner
  • Premier Academy BOOTCAMP winner
  • Kingsdale Market BOOTCAMP winner
  • Evergreen Credit Union BOOTCAMP winner

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Congratulations to all competitors of the 2016 BOOTCAMP! Together, we saved more than 48 million kWh in 3 months! #ESNBC

And the winners of the 2016 ENERGY STAR BOOTCAMP are...(drumroll please!) Boeing & Verizon! Congrats! #ESNBC

The 2016 BOOTCAMP may be over, but we’re still committed to saving energy all year round! #ESNBC