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Use the 1 – 100 ENERGY STAR score to benchmark against peers

What if you want to know how you stack up against similar facilities across the nation that look and operate like yours?

There’s a solution: EPA’s 1 – 100 ENERGY STAR score. It’s available for 21 different types of facilities.

When you get an ENERGY STAR score for your building or plant, it indicates how it’s performing against peer facilities nationwide. For example, a score of 50 is typical, while a 30 means it’s only more efficient than 30 percent of peer facilities. A score of 75 or higher means your facility is a top performer — and eligible for ENERGY STAR certification!

Consistency is key

Benchmarking works best when it’s done consistently over time. Can you imagine a weight-loss plan in which you only weigh yourself once a year? Of course you can’t. That’s because you can’t manage what you’re not measuring.

In a recent study, EPA found that buildings that were benchmarked consistently reduced energy use by an average of 2.4 percent per year, for a total savings of 7 percent. And, buildings that started out as poor performers saved even more. See EPA’s Portfolio Manager DataTrends series for more information.

Benchmarking drives action

You know what’s motivating? Finding out you’re behind the curve and you didn’t even know it. Fortunately, ENERGY STAR has the tools and resources to help you get ahead. Once you benchmark your energy performance, you’ll have a better idea what to do next.

Got a low score? Time to do an energy audit and see where you may be wasting energy. The good news is you have the potential to save your organization money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions!

Got a 75 or higher? Congrats! Apply for ENERGY STAR certification and show the world that your facility is energy-efficient. But even ENERGY STAR certified facilities have room to improve, so keep benchmarking to ensure that you continue moving in the right direction!

Go ahead. Use ENERGY STAR tools to benchmark. You might be surprised by what you find!

Portfolio Manager Data Collection Worksheet

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Easily see what information is required for your property and create a PDF or Word worksheet to help collect the data.

benchmarking (verb)

To compare one’s business processes and performance metrics against a standard: "We’re benchmarking our processes against industry best practices."

Not all buildings are alike

Using EPA's 1-100 ENERGY STAR score, you can receive an "apples to apples" comparison of your building's energy performance against similar buildings nationwide.

Apples and oranges aren't the same.

Just like different building types aren't the same.

Buildings that were benchmarked consistently in Portfolio Manager over a 3-year period reduced energy use by an average of 2.4 percent per year, for a total savings of 7 percent

Buildings that were benchmarked consistently in Portfolio Manager demonstrated an average savings of 7% over 3 years.