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Why ENERGY STAR® Should Matter to Companies

No matter what business you’re in, there’s always one essential customer question that needs an answer: “What’s in it for me?” In the following post, Andersen Corporation, an ENERGY STAR partner since 1998, offers their perspective on that classic question.

What’s in it for me?

It’s the successful companies that provide the best answer to that question. But luckily answering that question has become much easier over the years, thanks to the ENERGY STAR® label. When household appliances and building products bear that recognizable label, consumers quickly understand those products will help reduce their home’s energy use – and energy bill. Additionally, the label offers peace of mind, as our own research has shown that ENERGY STAR is a trusted source in an otherwise highly technical and complex product space.

But consumers aren’t just thinking about their wallets. Increasingly they’re asking, “How will this purchase impact our planet?” They recognize that our planet faces significant, systemic environmental challenges that can only be effectively met through a group effort. That calls for solutions that cut through confusion and pessimism to help people make better and more environmentally responsible decisions.

Why we partner with ENERGY STAR

We partner with ENERGY STAR because the program offers pragmatic solutions that benefits consumers and businesses alike. The program provides a level playing field for businesses to collaborate on increasing energy efficiency standards. ENERGY STAR also provides a third-party validation that the products actually offer energy efficiency savings – a critical factor for savvy consumers.

Working with ENERGY STAR allows us to say we do more than just manufacture windows and doors. Each of our products provide energy efficiency solutions that help solve environmental challenges. We are committed to continuing to raise the bar for energy efficiency, while also upholding high standards for quality, durability, and indoor air quality.   

“What we appreciate at Andersen is how the ENERGY STAR brand promotes awareness for the importance of energy efficiency and has built a sense of trust,” said Jay Lund, Chairman, President, and CEO at Andersen Corporation. “Products bearing an ENERGY STAR label deliver a promise of quality and efficiency that are the gold standard homeowners know to look for.”

It’s that shared embrace of values such as trust, quality, and integrity that spur us to develop new products that consistently outperform older window and door technologies and, in turn, help establish a future market for our products. Collaborating with ENERGY STAR shows how our combined efforts have far-reaching benefits for everyone and the planet!

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