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Superstars in Energy Efficiency: Part 1

The 2015 ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year (POY) Award winners had some pretty spectacular energy-saving accomplishments – from setting the industry standard in the production and sale of energy-efficient products and services, to making it easy for homeowners to make energy-saving improvements at home, to developing world-class strategies to cut energy waste at work. All of this translates into a HUGE, positive impact on the environment. See a snapshot of just a few of our partners’ award-winning activities below, and be sure to check out the rest of our amazing winners here.

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Bentall Kennedy

Partner of the Year - Sustained Excellence Energy Management

  • Benchmarked more than 398 eligible offices, industrial buildings, retail properties, and multifamily buildings -- representing more than 75 million square feet and nearly $23 billion in value.
  • Established annual sustainability goals, including focusing on tenant engagement, developing a multifamily sustainability program, and continuing to refine energy tracking and performance.

Infographic of Bentall Kennedy's 2014 energy efficiency accomplishments.

Bentall Kennedy’s energy efficiency highlights from 2014

PPL Electric Utilities

Partner of the Year - Energy Efficiency Program Delivery

  • Partnered with 56 retail chains in 443 markets to conduct more than 3,000 retail visits and sales associate training sessions on ENERGY STAR products.
  • Provided incentives for more than 4,000 new ENERGY STAR refrigerators, while retiring and properly recycling more than 7,200 older refrigerators and freezers.
  • Offered advice on purchasing ENERGY STAR products through nine community outreach events and 157 in-store events.

We asked partners to give us their best energy joke; PPL Electric Utilities asked, "What does a dim light bulb drink when it’s thirsty?"

Eastman Chemical Company

Partner of the Year - Sustained Excellence Energy Management

  • Improved energy intensity since 2008 by nearly eight percent, avoiding $29 million in energy costs in 2014.
  • Competed in the ENERGY STAR National Building Competition, with two buildings placing among the top 10 buildings overall.