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Let the games begin! EPA launches the 2015 ENERGY STAR® Battle of the Buildings

Battle of the Buildings

How much energy and water can you save in one year?

That’s what competitors will discover as they battle it out in the sixth installment of EPA’s ENERGY STAR Battle of the Buildings: Team Challenge, the biggest nationwide competition to save energy and water, and fight climate change. This year, more than 125 teams and 6,500 buildings are competing to see who can save the most. Meet all the competitors at, and follow the action on Twitter for updates and energy-saving tips.

Battle of the Buildings

Participating teams each consist of five or more buildings that will work together to reduce their collective energy use over the course of a year. For example, Des Moines Public Schools entered a team of 37 elementary schools that are eager to cut more energy waste than their county’s middle and high schools. And teams of fire stations in Atlanta, Salt Lake City, and other cities will keep a close eye on how they’re measuring up against each other!

Battle of the Buildings

The heat is on for individual buildings, too! Many existing rivalries are fanning the flames of fierce competition. The William Jefferson Clinton and the George Bush Presidential Libraries are both competing this year; and Citi Field, home of the New York Mets, hopes to rack up more savings than Ford Field, home of the Detroit Lions.

Battle of the Buildings

Competitors will track and report building energy and water consumption throughout 2015 using EPA’s ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager®, and compare their performance to a 2014 baseline. The individual and team competitors that demonstrate the greatest percentage-based reduction in energy or water use intensity will be recognized as the competition winners in May 2016. EPA will also recognize the top individual competitors by building category using the same metric, as well as any competitor or team that achieves a reduction in energy or water use of 20 percent or more.

In 2014, team Going Blue for Woodville from Woodville, Alabama took home the gold by cutting energy use by 25 percent, and competitors as a whole saved more than $50 million. The year before that, the winner, Claiborne Elementary School in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, reduced its energy use by 45 percent and saved an estimated $290,000! You can read these and other winner stories from behind the battle at Battle of the Buildings: Learn from Past Winners

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