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Laundry Made Easy!

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Laundry is an unavoidable fact of life, but why not save energy and money while you do it? We've got some easy tips to make sure that when you do this CHORE, you save even MORE!

Spin Your Way into Savings

Clothes washing technology continues to improve, but you don’t need the latest and greatest clothes washer to be energy-efficient. We have four simple tips to make your clothes washing experience easy and efficient, helping you save money on your utility bill while protecting the planet.

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  1. Program Faster Spin Speed: Choosing a faster washer spin cycle will reduce the amount of drying needed. This will result in an annual net savings of approximately 99 kWh ($11).
  2. Use the Lowest Water Setting: Reducing the water level by 10% will result in annual water savings of 1,291 gallons ($11), plus less electricity needed to heat the extra water!
  3. Wash Full Loads: Reducing the total number of loads each year by 25% could save 3,227 gallons of water.
  4. Wash with Cold Water: Heating water uses electricity. By washing your clothes in cold water only, you can save about 584 kWh ($66) annually. And don't worry – clothes will still come out clean! Cold water laundry detergents, and detergents that contain anti-allergens are also widely available.

And remember, if you are in the market for a new clothes washer and dryer, look for the ENERGY STAR. Certified models feature sophisticated systems that can help you reduce related energy and water costs.

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