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A Kick-Off to Certifying Energy-Efficient Stadiums and Arenas

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Football season has officially begun! Have you ever experienced watching a game live at a stadium? Nothing beats the bright lights, smell of food on the grill, and the sound of thousands of cheering fans. Did you know some of your favorite football stadiums can hold over 100,000 people? Think about how much energy it takes to maintain such a large venue!  

ENERGY STAR not only certifies products and homes, but buildings as well—like schools, hospitals, hotels, offices, supermarkets, places of worship, and so many more. Before we can add stadiums and arenas to our roster, we need some valuable energy and water data from the people that are closest to the field.

ENERGY STAR recently teamed up with the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), Green Sports Alliance, and National Institute of Building Sciences to learn more about sporting venues by inviting stadium and arena owners and operators to take part in an anonymous survey about their facilities’ energy and water usage. This survey examines the energy and water performance of sports facilities in 2015, and the information gathered will help us work towards more efficient stadiums and arenas in the future.

The findings from this survey are expected to be released in 2017, with potential ENERGY STAR certification available no earlier than 2018. This potential certification would recognize outstanding environmental leadership, to distinguish the energy-efficient stadiums from the rest. Now, the teams won’t be the only ones vying for the glory—the stadiums that house them will get to compete as well.

Are you a stadium or arena owner or operator? Take the Energy and Water Efficiency of Stadiums and Arenas Survey.

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