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Keep it Simple. Choose ENERGY STAR.

We know how much saving energy and protecting the environment means to you – and being energy efficient has never been so simple! Now, it’s time to spread the word to your friends, family, customers, and tenants, so they can become energy savers too. Today, nearly 90% of Americans recognize the little blue label, and we want to make sure every one of those people (and the last 10% too!) knows how easy it is to save energy. From knowing what “label” to look for when shopping for appliances or products, to building more energy efficiently, to energy-saving tips and tricks – ENERGY STAR has you covered.

These videos demonstrate just how easy it is to find the answers to all of your complex and not-so-complex questions you may have about saving energy (and money!). Help us share the three videos below to show others just how simple saving energy can be!

Not into Labels. Just into Savings.
Katie’s not normally into buying labels, but when she sees the ENERGY STAR’s little blue label, she knows her choice is a simple one.
Don't Waste Your Time
We know you’re busy and you’ve got things to do. So, go to – going anywhere else would be a waste of energy!
Make it Better. Make it an ENERGY STAR.
When it comes to building a better product, home, or building, make it ENERGY STAR certified.

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