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How to Be a Perfect Holiday House Guest

family around the Christmas tree

It’s time to head home for the holidays! You’ve got your bags packed and your gifts wrapped—the perfect sweater for your brother, shiny new toys for the kids and...high energy bills for mom and dad? Hosting a crowd for the holidays is hectic enough, so don’t add to the stress by running up the energy bill in your host’s home. Check out our best tips to be a considerate, energy-saving guest this holiday season:

  • Keep your showers short and watch out for other water waste, like turning off the tap when shaving or brushing your teeth.
  • Grabbing some milk to go with your gingerbread cookies? Know what you want before you open the fridge—leaving the door open too long wastes energy.
  • Good guests always do their dishes, but don’t run the dishwasher before it’s full. And be sure to give your dishes a scrape rather than a rinse—you’ll save energy on water!
  • Traveling to a colder climate? If you feel yourself reaching for the thermostat, bundle up with another layer instead of changing your host’s carefully tuned settings. Those socks you’re bound to get this holiday will keep you cozy!
  • Turn off the lights when you leave the room—just like you wouldn’t leave the lights on all day in your own home.

Dropped the ball on some of our tips? Make up for your bad habits with a more tangible gift of energy savings, and check out our 2016 Holiday Gift Guide for ideas.

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