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Green Your Cube: Office Equipment Edition

Did you know? By choosing ENERGY STAR certified office equipment, you can save nearly $250 over the life of the products
On average, 30% of the energy consumed in commercial buildings is wasted. The good news is: we have a few tips on how to Green Your Cube—whether at your home office or at work—by investing in energy-saving office equipment.
Office Equipment Energy-Saving Tips: Consolidate printers, Print double-sided, Use a multi-function device, Switch to a laptop
  • Consolidate and save. Consolidating 5 color and 5 black-and-white desktop laser printers to a single-network, color laser printer with an equivalent quantity (around 2,400 pages a day) will save approximately 338 kWh and $38 annually.
  • Double-sided is better than one. Did you know that the average American office worker prints about 10,000 sheets of paper annually? It takes 17Wh of electricity to produce a single sheet of paper, so if an office worker reduces printing by 25%, about 43 kWh is saved annually! 
  • Save energy with a Multi-function Device. A multi-function device (MFD) combines the capabilities of a printer, fax machine, and paper copier. Save energy by having one piece of office equipment instead of three.
  • Switch to a laptop. The average desktop computer consumes 100 to 400 kWh of electricity per year, while laptops consume about 30 to 150 kWh per year. Switching from a desktop to a notebook computer will save $23–$31 in annual electricity costs due to the notebook’s higher efficiency.
Help protect our planet by taking the right steps toward energy efficiency at work!
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