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ENERGY STAR by the Numbers

Today, more than 85 percent of American households recognize the ENERGY STAR label. That’s likely, in large part, due to the more than 320 million ENERGY STAR certified products that were sold in 2014 alone. Those products, along with ENERGY STAR certified buildings and homes, have helped families and businesses save $362 billion on utility bills since 1992.

Eco & Env Benefits of ES

See that number at the bottom of the chart—2.4 billion metric tons? That number is the total environmental benefits in terms of GHG emissions avoided since 1992. It sure seems like a lot, but what exactly does it mean? The EPA Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator can help with that. Let’s visualize the impact of those reductions.

2.4 Bilion Metric Tons

Interested in learning more about ENERGY STAR savings and accomplishments? Read the 2014 Annual Report or check out the National Awareness of ENERGY STAR for 2015.

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