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Easy Ways to Save in 2017

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The new year is just around the corner—have you created your list of resolutions? Whether your goals are to save money, start (or continue) good habits, or lend a helping hand to others, saving energy can fit right into your goals. Find out how easy it is to conserve energy and protect the climate!

  • Change a light. One of the simplest ways to save money and energy at home is to swap out bulbs for ENERGY STAR certified LEDs. Upgrading your five most used lightbulbs will save you $45 each year! Talk about a win-win resolution!
  • Shut it down. In 2017, start the good habit of conserving energy you aren’t using. Flip the switch when you leave a room, unplug personal electronics devices, and turn off water when you aren’t using it.
  • Bring your green wherever you go! You may not see the energy bills at work or school, but when you pay attention to your energy use wherever you go, you can help to prevent GHG emissions and protect the climate for us all. Check out our Bring Your Green to Work tip cards for more pointers.

However you choose to save energy, don’t forget to stay organized—it’s tough to stick to your New Year’s resolution without a plan! Use the My ENERGY STAR tool to start your energy-saving checklist. You can pick out projects and tasks to complete, and check off your progress. It’s easy to track how your energy savings stack up through the year!

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