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DIY Lighting with ENERGY STAR

If you’re planning a home renovation, an efficiency upgrade, or looking to enhance your home’s ambience, remember to think about lighting! Check out how popular Vloggers used ENERGY STAR certified lighting to create beautiful, functional, and energy-efficient home décor.

San Francisco Apartment Tour

Creating the perfect ambiance at home doesn't have to be expensive. Weylie Hoang of I Like Weylie lets you in on some money and energy saving secrets in this apartment tour!

Budget Friendly Lighting Ambiance

Winter is coming. Make sure your home's lighting is cozy and warm. Nikki Boyd of At Home with Nikki shows you just how much color affects your at home environment.

Renovate & Innovate with Lighting

Looking for some inspiration and tips for your next DIY lighting project? DIY guru, Isabelle LaRue, of Engineer Your Space shares inspiration on creating unique, affordable, and energy-efficient lighting for an updated bathroom look.

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