True Manufacturing True Food Service Equipment

O'Fallon, Missouri

Partner of the Year - Product Brand Owner


True Manufacturing (True Food Service Equipment) is a U.S. manufacturer and global supplier of commercial, residential, and lab-grade refrigeration equipment and ice-making refrigeration systems. True Manufacturing continued to promote responsible and sustainable manufacturing by converting 99% of all its commercial refrigeration products to R-290, a low-global warming potential refrigerant. Key 2022 accomplishments include:

  •  Promoting its ENERGY STAR® partnership and hundreds of its certified products through thousands of emails to dealers, multiple instructional videos, the company webpage, on-line training events, and trade shows.
  •  Actively participating throughout the ENERGY STAR commercial refrigerator and freezer Version 5.0 specification revision process, providing crucial technical support and feedback on energy consumption, refrigerants, and product testing. 
  •  Collaborating with standards development organizations and committees to update codes and standards, broadening applications of low-GWP refrigerants that increase energy efficiency. 
In 2020 alone, ENERGY STAR and its partners helped Americans avoid more than $40 Billion in energy costs

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