Samsung Electronics

Ridgefield Park, New Jersey

Partner of the Year - Energy Management


Samsung Electronics is a manufacturer of home appliances, consumer electronics, and mobile communications. In the past year, Samsung sustained its commitment to the ENERGY STAR® program through its outstanding leadership in efficiency across its appliance suite, as well as furthering efficiency of its facilities through strategic energy management. Key accomplishments in 2021 include:

  •  Expanding its total ENERGY STAR certified appliance and electronics offerings and increasing the number of models earning ENERGY STAR Most Efficient recognition.
  •   Earning ENERGY STAR Emerging Technology Award recognition for an additional 20 refrigerator and freezer models with advanced adaptive compressor systems, as well as for one induction cooktop model. 
  •  Working to increase the efficiency of its commercial building spaces by achieving ENERGY STAR Tenant Space recognition for six spaces across its portfolio. 
  •  Establishing a cross-functional team comprised of environmental stewardship, facility management, public affairs, and Engineering and Asset Solutions specialists focused on tracking the efficacy of facility-related sustainability initiatives and alignment and promotion of ENERGY STAR across the organization.
  •  Continuing its environmental leadership by engaging in multiple, cross-cutting efforts that include partnering with EPA and the National Environmental Education Foundation for 7 years to further environmental literacy and energy efficiency across middle schoolers; participating in the EPA Green Power Partnerships program and achieving 100% renewable energy for all of Samsung’s U.S. facilities; and receiving EPA’s Sustainable Materials Management Gold Tier Champion Award annually for 7 years to ensure electronics are recycled safely.
In 2020 alone, ENERGY STAR and its partners helped Americans avoid more than $40 Billion in energy costs

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