U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Thursday, May 27, 2010

Registered Architects Now Eligible to Perform Verification for ENERGY STAR Label for Buildings

EPA is pleased to announce that, effective April 1, 2010, the verification required for all applications for the ENERGY STAR label for commercial buildings can now be performed by Registered Architects. Prior to this change, it has been a requirement that a licensed Professional Engineer (PE) verify the information in the ENERGY STAR label application, and that the PE sign and stamp the building’s Statement of Energy Performance that is generated from the Portfolio Manager tool. With this change, building owners and operators may now engage either a PE or a Registered Architect (RA) to complete the verification process. The PE or RA must possess a current license in any U.S. state, and should follow the guidance provided in the latest edition of “The Professional Engineer’s Guide to the ENERGY STAR Label for Commercial Buildings” ( In the coming months EPA will update web pages, guidance documents, and the PE’s Guide to reflect the inclusion of RAs. In the interim, RA may be substituted for PE in any of these materials.

EPA is making this change in recognition of the increasingly important role that RAs are playing in both the design and operation of today’s energy efficient buildings. With increasing frequency, RAs are continuing to consult with building owners and operators long after the building design phase is completed, ensuring that their visions and designs are implemented as intended. With this change, RAs who submit projects that receive EPA’s “Designed to Earn the ENERGY STAR” recognition will be able to later verify that those same buildings have earned the ENERGY STAR label by demonstrating the superior energy performance for which they were designed.

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