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QBD Cooling Systems Inc., Canada

Brampton, ON

Excellence Award - Product Design


QBD Cooling Systems Inc., Canada is a commercial refrigeration equipment manufacturer and is receiving ENERGY STAR recognition for Excellence in Product Design. The company developed a new line of products in 2018 using refrigerants that are on average 52 percent more energy efficient compared to previous generation models. Key 2018 accomplishments include:

  • Developing a hydrocarbon refrigerant-based product line, bringing down energy consumption by 30 to 40 percent compared to standard hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) based systems.
  • Focusing on the development of environmentally sustainable systems to meet and or exceed ENERGY STAR levels. With 15 models certified as ENERGY STAR certified and additional models going through certification, QBD is close to achieving their 100 percent qualification goal.
  • Redesigning heat exchangers to reduce charge amount by around 70 percent compared to standard HFC based systems, leading to higher energy efficiencies and reduced environmental impact.
  • Extensively promoting and marketing that led to 99 percent of total sales being exclusively hydrocarbon (HC)-based equipment.
  • Introducing the Product Line Information System to test 100 percent of products.
  • Training field technicians for large corporate clients to increase awareness about HC systems and encourage promotion of ENERGY STAR certified products, that translated to a change in sales behavior as reflected by increased sales.

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