Public Service Company of Oklahoma

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Partner of the Year - Sustained Excellence - Energy Efficiency Program Delivery


Public Service Company of Oklahoma (PSO) is an electric utility company serving multiple counties across the state. During the past year, PSO expanded its ENERGY STAR® certified homes and products programs across its service territory and outperformed its original energy savings goal by 84%. Key 2021 accomplishments include:

  • Providing incentives for the construction of more than 180 ENERGY STAR certified homes, a 9% increase over 2020, and increasing the number of participating builders by 35% and home energy rating companies by 25%, respectively.
  • Dedicating two corporate webpages to promoting ENERGY STAR certified homes, one for builders and one for consumers; pageviews collectively increased by 49% over the previous year.
  • Augmenting improved duct leakage rates in ENERGY STAR certified homes by 38% compared to 2020.
  • Incentivizing over 7,300 products, including ENERGY STAR appliances, electric vehicle chargers, and heat pump water heaters, which contributed to achieving 150% of its products program goal.
  • Training over 5,500 sales associates and customers at educational events resulting in over 11,600 product trainings highlighting the features and benefits of ENERGY STAR.
In 2020 alone, ENERGY STAR and its partners helped Americans avoid more than $40 Billion in energy costs

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